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Star Studio | Not just any photo booth

Coinstar – creators of Redbox – recently turned to Mixer Design Group and The Material Group for the next generation of photo booths. Everything has been stepped up a notch from the DSLR camera, 5.1 surround sound and iPad touch-style editing software on a huge 30in screen.

I had the pleasure of working on the over-sized product (I usually work on consumer electronics and desktop computer). During development the Star Studio took many shapes, names and identities until we arrived at the final product. Some of the original work played off the idea of a cube, but as the concept evolved it became a deeper more rich experience thus landing on Star Studio.

Take a trip across the world, rock out at a concert or make some glamor shots for your modeling debut. The touch user interface is immersive, easy to use and capitalizes on the familiar gestures learned on mobile devices. Take a look at the video walk through below and a review of the booth here.


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