Star Studio | Not just any photo booth

Outerwall – creators of Redbox – developed Star Studio to represent the next generation of photo booths. Every feature has been stepped up a notch from the DSLR camera, 5.1 surround sound and iPad touch-style editing software on a huge 30in screen.

I was a member of the team tasked to design this closet-sized product and help define what a modern photo booth experience should be . During development the Star Studio took many shapes, names and identities until we arrived at the design you see here. The concepts explored the idea of stepping into another world and as the experience evolved it became something more than just a photo booth.

Star Studio lets you travel across the world, rock out with friends or take silly photos all in one place. You can edit your photos or video and easily upload them to your favorite social media sites using the intuitive touch interface.




Copyright, 2014